Creative Word Ministries is the channel through which Rev. Sylvia Evans
and her team of friends take the “Creative Word” to the world.

Sylvia loves the Word — and makes it live for all who hear. An in-depth Bible teacher with prophetic anointing, she seeks the Lord for a “word in season” for each occasion as she ministers in churches, conferences, retreats, Bible schools, and leadership seminars throughout the US, Canada, and other nations. The Founder and Director of Creative Word Ministries, she has been taking the “Creative Word” to the world since 1975 through her traveling ministry. Read more about Sylvia here.

Diversity is the mark of her ministry: sometimes focused preaching and sometimes point-by-point teaching; sometimes happy humor and sometimes deep, heart-mending truth; sometimes personal counseling and sometimes prophetic words and prayer; sometimes warm singing and sometimes vivid story-telling or poignant poetry — the vehicle changes, but the purpose is the same: to present the promise of both wholeness and holiness through the redeeming work of Christ. Through her speaking and writing, she imparts understanding of “The Greater Eternal Purposes of God” and of “The Precious Holy Anointing” that empowers His people for a holy life of service to the Lord.

In recent years, the Lord’s specific commissioning to Sylvia has been three-fold:

1. To “Help the Harvesters” to bring refreshing to those laboring in the harvest fields of the world.

2. To minister to leaders at every level through missionary retreats, leadership seminars, and personal ministry to leaders’ families and staff members of churches and Christian organizations.

3. To address the issues of righteousness and unrighteousness in the culture, in the nation, and in the world, ever calling the Church to holiness and a higher level of witness in the world.